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artist from a fashion designer.

After studying abroad in London, I got a diploma at ISITUTO MARANGONI London Fashion Design Master Course.

After returning home, he established "yutaokuda" as his own brand.

Work as an artist while working as a designer in a fashion brand.

In order to work as an artist, I leave the brand and work mainly as an artist "yutaokuda", not as a fashion designer.

He realized that what I took for granted was a special event, and I wanted to make that gratitude into a work, so his called it'with gratitude'.

The theme is "flowers".

Until now, the unconsciously projected fragments of oneself are referred to as “beautiful foodchain”.

Based on the concept, flowers and creatures are visualized and reconstructed as motifs.

At the same time as depicting the beauty of nature's providence, the conflicting themes such as beauty and ugliness, love and hate, and life and death were expressed in a single picture.

 The expression method of the work has been in the last few years, from the miniature picture composed only of the calculated lines.

It is changing to a work with the theme of "accidentality". Specifically, ink bleeding and

The outline is extracted from the unevenness created by chance from the mixture of acrylic paints, and the creatures and flowers are shaped.

Currently, he continues to actively present his works both domestically and internationally, such as solo exhibitions and art fairs.



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